Aegean Marine Petroleum Network expands in Kiel Canal


Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. will commence physical supply operations on the Kiel Canal (Germany) from January 2018.

The operation will be managed by Aegean’s German subsidiary, OBAST Bunkering & Trading GmbH (Rostock) in partnership with local tank farm operator, UTG – Unabhängige Tanklogistik GmbH.

The new station is located directly on the Baltic Sea entrance to the Kiel Canal and represents an ideal physical supply station for shipping transitting the canal and working in the wider regional market.

In Kiel, Aegean will deliver a full range of MARPOL-compliant fuel grades including RMG 380, ULSFO-RMD 80, Gasoil DMA and Gasoil DMA (density max. 860,0). All deliveries will be made ex-pipe from the installation.

Aegean will operate tanks with a capacity of 13,000 cu.m. representing the entirety of UTG’s available tankage for marine fuels purposes.

“The Kiel facility represents the Aegean Group’s third storage location in Germany alongside the exclusive use of tanks in Nordenham on the River Weser and with Vopak in Hamburg” said Jonathan Mcilroy, President of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc.

“The addition of Kiel operations enhances our flexibility throughout the German and Southern Scandinavian Baltic Sea ports. It also emphasises Aegean’s commitment and ability to innovate and expand the physical supply network globally”.

OBAST and Aegean Bunkering Germany GmbH serve all locations along the German Baltic coast including the most important ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Bremen, Wilhelmshaven, Emden, Brunsbuttel, Kiel, Rostock, Wismar, Stralsund, Travemunde, Stade and Brake.



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