Baltic Sea Countries Target NOx Limits in ECAs


Legislation cutting nitrogen oxides (NOx) from shipping in the Baltic and North Seas has moved a step closer with a decision by countries bordering the Baltic Sea to apply for tighter NOx limits in designated so-called ‘emission control areas’ (ECAs), the European association of environmental organizations Transport and Environment comments.

Namely, at the Annual Meeting of the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) held on March 10, the nine Baltic coastal countries and the EU agreed on a Roadmap which includes a commitment to submit to IMO a proposal for a Baltic Sea NOx Emission Control Area (NECA) in parallel with the North Sea.

The Roadmap is to be submitted to the IMO MEPC 70 meeting, scheduled for October 2016. The IMO’s environmental committee is also to consider a parallel application for an ECA in the North Sea and English Channel at the meeting.



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