Captain Tsakos: The worst for shipping is over

10 Oct 2015

Captain Panagiotis N. Tsakos gave an exclusive interview to The Shipping Herald in Kardamyla, Chios at the opening of the House of Maria Tsakos.


How do you see the future of Greek shipping?

Greek shipping is the most extrovert global business activity. It is effectively the only entrepreneurship free of governmental considerations and political influence. It is unaffected even by the social and working conditions in Greece. It currently seems that the worst for shipping is over; maybe not entirely but will have progress. A clear mind is needed and to travel by sea with the current conditions, as they have developed worldwide.


Is there optimism in the shipping community?

I am optimistic. But I believe greater speed is needed in order to maintain our position. I also want to point out that with the new specialized ship types, the lack of personnel that will be able to serve them is even more evident.

It is unacceptable to support our maritime education on scientific practices of the past and produce captains and officers with old educational criteria.


What needs to be done?

We are determined, as a company and as the Maria Tsakos Foundation, to play a big role in offering the maritime sector the best officers with modern understanding of the shipping reality. Already, the Maria Tsakos Foundation opened the Maria Tsakos House in Kardamyla, Chios which hosted a large group of students that will be trained to become the new generation of people necessary to shipping.


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