CLIA welcomes guidance from EU Healthy Gateways as step in right direction for resumption of cruises


CLIA and its member lines welcome the publication by EU Healthy Gateways of its Interim Guidance for Restarting Cruise Operations.

This is an important marker in the possible resumption of cruising in Europe. CLIA and its member lines have been actively engaged in the development of this Guidance and will continue to work with EU Healthy gateways to assess the practicality and suitability of the Guidance as a pan-European framework moving forward.

CLIA member lines are currently identifying appropriate protocols, based on evolving guidance from health authorities and medical experts, that cover passengers from the time of booking their cruise, to the holiday itself and their safe return home. The Guidance published will help to inform these protocols and provide another level of trust for our customers and crew. Speaking on behalf of CLIA Europe, Tom Boardley, Secretary-General stated “The primary concern of CLIA and its member lines is the health and safety of its passengers and crew. This Guidance from the public health authorities in Europe provides a useful resource for cruise lines as they prepare to resume operations.”

CLIA members envisage that there will be a gradual, phased-in approach to resumption of operations. Full resumption will also be dependent on a variety of factors, including international, national, and/or local arrangements, the status of the continued spread of COVID-19 in specific locales, and advancements in detection, treatment, and prevention.



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