Drewry: World Container Index Down by 4.4% on Week


The World Container Index assessed by Drewry, a composite of container freight rates on 8 major routes to/from the US, Europe and Asia, is down by 4.4% to US$1456.20/40ft container.

Two-year spot freight rate trend for the World Container Index:


Drewry assessment: 13 April 2017

  • The composite index is down by 4.4% this week and it is up by 75% from the same period of 2016.
  • The average composite index of the World Container Index assessed by Drewry for the year to date is US$1,613/40ft container, $112 lower than the 5-year average of $1,725/40ft container.
  • Rates from Asia to Europe have declined by around 7% this week, indicating that carriers have not been able to sustain fully the gains experienced from the 1 April GRIs. Similarly, rates from Asia to the US West Coast have decreased by $34/40ft box. We expect rates from Asia to the US East Coast to increase next week on the back of the planned 15 April GRI of $200/ 40ft.
  • After a sudden surge last week, rates on the Europe-to-Asia route continued to increase this week, but with only a $13/40ft uptick.




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