Ever Given owner appeals against ship seizure


The owners of the Ever Given, the cargo ship that ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal in late March, have filed an appeal before the Ismailia court against Egypt’s decision to seize the vessel, according to London-based maritime insurer UK P&I.

“Despite the relentless efforts of the ship’s owners and its insurers, it was not possible to reach a solution far from the Egyptian judiciary,” a statement by the insurer said.

The statement indicated that the appeal highlighted the incorrectness of the seizure and the lack of evidence.

The appeal is expected to be heard on May 4.

Meanwhile, all parties will continue to negotiate with the Suez Canal Authority in a bid to reach an amicable solution.

After the ship was freed, talks began on compensation in the wake of losses incurred by the canal because of the blockage of the waterway.

The 400-meter-long vessel has been anchored in a lake between two sectors of the Suez Canal since it was refloated on March 29.
Ship movement along the waterway was disrupted for six days after the vessel ran aground.

The Suez Canal Authority has obtained a court order to detain the vessel.

Negotiations for compensation are continuing.

Source: Arab News



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