GAC UK becomes the fourth GAC agency in the world to support Green Award

GAC UK MD Herman Jorgensen Green  Award Chairman Dimitrios Mattheou and Executive Director Jan Fransen

Green Award, a certification scheme for ships and ship managers performing to the highest standards, welcomed a new incentive provider GAC UK.

GAC UK encourages quality shipping and environmentally friendly practices through the Green Award scheme. Green Award provides a platform to maritime organisations and companies for promotion of the best practices and elimination of sub-standard shipping on a voluntary basis. The global ship agent follows GAC Belgium, GAC Netherlands and GAC Shipping Greece and has becomes the fourth GAC agency that has joined Green Award.

Green Award Chairman Mr Dimitrios Mattheou accompanied by Green Award’s executive director Mr Jan Fransen, wholeheartedly welcomed GAC UK into the certification scheme. The ceremony took place on 6 September, 2018, in Athens (Greece).

Handing over a Green Award board to Herman Jorgensen, Managing Director at GAC UK, Mr Mattheou said: “At Green Award we aim at promoting high safety, quality and environmental standards within the maritime community on a voluntary basis. The realization of the importance of and a strong will to change for the best, to support the best practices and excellence in shipping, are crucial for achieving sustainable results. We are glad that GAC Group, which is a perfect example of such a strong will, is so consistently committed to this approach and enrolls its fourth agency to Green Award. It is unique as they are the first and only ship agent with 4 branches in our system. They demonstrate their dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility principles and contribute to recognition of frontrunners of the maritime industry.”

Herman Jorgensen added: “GAC UK has taken numerous measures to promote sustainability in its business and beyond. We welcome initiatives like Green Award which are good for the environment and great for business, too. Signing up to Green Award underlines our commitment to improving the environment by supporting shipowners and operators with the same ethos, recognizing and rewarding companies with a 10% reduction on GAC UK ship agency fees.”



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