Greece: Eco disaster after tanker sinking off Salamina


Authorities on the Greek island of Salamina in the Saronic Gulf said that an oil spill off the island’s eastern coast is spreading and has become “an environmental disaster.”

The spill was caused by the sinking of the Aghia Zoni II tanker on Saturday, southwest of the islet of Atalanti near Psytalleia. According to reports, the coastline has “turned black”.

According to the island’s mayor, Isidora Papathanasiou, the weather “turned on Sunday afternoon and brought the oil spill to Salamina.”

“This a huge environmental and financial disaster, and all the (island’s) eastern coast is covered with crude oil,” she said, adding that the “smell is intense and our eyes are stinging.”

The Aghia Zoni II took on water while it was anchored and sank at 2.45 a.m., after sailing from the Aspropyrgos distilleries in the early hours of Saturday carrying 2,200 metric tons of fuel oil and 370 metric tons of marine gas oil.

Clean-up crews were scrambling Tuesday to contain the spread of an oil slick.

Papathanasiou added that the municipality will receive applications from residents that have suffered damages in order to file a lawsuit.



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