HELMEPA hails 40th anniversary of the signing of Barcelona Convention


The 19th Conference of Mediterranean States for the Environment in the framework of UNEP’s Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) closed Friday in Athens.

This meeting coincides with the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Barcelona Convention from 15 countries at the time and the creation of the Mediterranean Action Plan, which constituted UNEP’s first Regional Seas Program.

The Conference is attended by 150 representatives of 21 States and non-governmental organisations, such as HELMEPA as well as the European Commission.

Proceedings will conclude in the adoption of important resolutions and strategies for sustainable development, adaptation to climate change, prevention and combating of pollution from ships and marine litter, integrated coastal zone management, the expansion of invasive species, protection of cetaceans and coral reefs and the creation of marine protected areas.

HELMEPA, having contributed since the late 1980s as UNEP/MAP Partner to this joint effort of Mediterranean States, hails this important anniversary and looks forward to further enhancing cooperation for the protection of the Mediterranean environment.




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