HHLA adapts outlook to changed market conditions

07 Oct 2015
Hamburg Port

The as yet preliminary volumes and earnings development, which was today evaluated by the Executive Board, led to adjusting the earnings target for the HHLA Group.

Due to the persistently weak and continually declining volumes development in the Container segment, a consolidated operating group result (EBIT) in the region of € 150 million is now expected (as yet: on a par with the previous year, 2014: € 169.3 million).

The previously expected operating result for the Container segment (as yet: within a range of € 125 million and € 135 million) can no longer be maintained. The expected result for the Intermodal segment (strong increase in earnings compared to the previous year) is held on to.

For the Port Logistics subgroup, an operating result (EBIT) in the region of € 135 million is expected (as yet: on a par with the previous year, 2014: € 155.6 million).

Further details will be outlined in conjunction with the Interim Financial Reporting for January to September 2015 on 12 November 2015.

Source: HHLA Group



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