Hyundai Mipo Dockyard wins order for 6 mid-sized product carriers


Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has won orders for six mid-sized PC (product carrier) ships this month. Hyundai Mipo Dockyard announced on Jan. 28 that it signed a contract with a European shipowner for the construction of six 50,000-ton class PC ships (including two ships in options) worth about $250 million (279 billion won) in January.

The ships will begin construction in the first half of this year and will be delivered sequentially by the third quarter of 2020, a company spokesman said.

The PC line, which was ordered in January, is 183 meters long, 32.2 meters wide, and 19.1 meters high, and can respond to the increasing international environmental regulations by applying HP-SCR system and Scrubber, which are developed by the company.

“As the demand for low sulfur oil is increasing in line with the new environmental regulations, the demand for PC ships to carry it is also increasing naturally,” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group set its target for shipbuilding orders this year at $15.9 billion, up 21 percent from last year.

Source: Korea Times



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