India: Sugar production rises 4.5% as on Jan 31 – ISMA


Indian mills produced 142.53 lakh tonnes of sugar as on 31st January, 2016 marking 4.57 % increase, according to Indian Sugar Mills Association(ISMA).

ISMA estimates sugar production during 2015-16 season to be around 260 lakh tons, which is sufficient to meet the domestic requirement.

During 2014-15 season 517 sugar mills produced 136.30 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st January, 2015. Thirteen sugar mills in Maharashtra and one sugar mill each in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh have closed their crushing operations for the season, ISMA stated.

116 sugar mills in U.P. have produced 36.15 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st January, 2016, as compared to 33.75 lakh tonnes produced by 117 sugar mills as on 31st January, 2015.

In Maharashtra, 177 sugar mills operated during the current 2015-16 SS, of which 13 sugar mills have closed their crushing operations by 31st January 2016. Sugar production during the current season upto 31st January was 54.42 lakh tonnes, as compared to 54.37 lakh tonnes produced in 2014-15 SS till 31st January 2015. As on date, 164 sugar mills are under operation in the State as compared to 176 mills operated last year on corresponding date.

In case of Karnataka, 64 sugar mills have produced 26.89 lakh tonnes of sugar in 2015-16 SS (one sugar mill has stopped crushing as on 31st January 2016), as compared to 23.13 lakh tonnes produced by 63 sugar mills in 2014-15 SS as on 31st January, 2015.

Source: Commodity Online



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