Kidnapped tanker crew freed in Nigeria


Four crew members kidnapped from a chemical tanker earlier this month off the coast of Nigeria have been released in good health, the International Maritime Bureau and Hellenic Coast Guard have confirmed.

The unidentified tanker was attacked by a group of ten armed pirates while underway approximately 32 nautical miles southwest of Bonny Island, Nigeria on March 5, according to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre.

During the attack, the pirates chased and fired upon the tanker, eventually boarding the vessel using a grappling hook and ladder. The alarm was raised and all non-essential crew members retreated to the ship’s citadel. The pirates left the tanker after about an hour with the four kidnapped crew members, while the remaining crew sailed the tanker to a safe port, the IMB said.

The Hellenic Coast Guard reported Wednesday that the four hostages, three from Greece and one from the Philippines, were released in good health on March 28.

It is unclear if or how much of a ransom was paid for their release.

The tanker has been described as Panamanian-flagged and with Greek interests.




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