MSC to Invest in Container Terminal at Port of Las Palmas


Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) along with the Port Authority of Las Palmas (APLP) have ratified an investment plan for the Port of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. The aim is to establish the Port of Las Palmas as a key hub for shipping traffic with the African West Coast.

During a meeting in Geneva, MSC and APLP representatives analyzed the relations between the two parties. They concluded that they must commit to the project in order to be immediately developed.

In addition, the port authority pledged to increase the competitiveness of the Port of Las Palmas and improve its port service offering.

Under the project, MSC will invest in the Operaciones Portuarias Canarias S.A. (OPCSA) container terminal, and will rearrange the accesses to the terminal. This aims to enable the facility to provide further berthing capacity and extend the services it offers.

Approximately EUR 9 million (USD 10.05 million) will be funded to modernize the Port, a process that will take place over the course of eight years.

OPSCA is the first terminal on the West African coast to use the new Navis N4 operating system, automating its operations. With the new system, OPCSA aspires to enhance the efficiency of local operations, begin the modernization process and increase its productivity.



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