NAT Defends Scrubber Decision


The 2017 decision not to install scrubbers on its tankers is proving to have been a correct one, Nordic American Tankers (NAT) said. The company reacted to a Reuters report from March 19 which revealed that Norway was considering a total ban on the use of scrubbers.

“An increased number of ports now prohibit or impose strict requirements on the use of scrubbers, which purify emissions from large ships,” the company said.

“The scrubber cleans the exhaust from vessels for sulphur and emit impure water into the sea, and that is what the ports now will put an end to. Therefore, we still do not see that this new requirement is an issue for NAT.”

NAT noted it was “steadfast” on its decision that scrubbers are not a solution for the company ahead of the IMO 2020 implementation based upon a conservative financial policy, adding that it “does not take on risk it does not have to”.



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