Petrobras takes delivery of seven bunker barges


Brazil’s national oil company Petrobras has taken delivery of seven new marine fuel double-hull barges in order to speed up bunker deliveries. The vessels will operate in the port of Santos, the biggest bunkering port in Brazil.

Petrobras is also Brazil’s largest marine fuels supplier.

Six barges are set aside for delivering residual fuel oil and have the following carrying capacities – CD Itaipu – 1,700t, SC 53 – 1,950t, SC 54 – 1,950t, SC 10 – 2,770t, Papoula – 2,500t and Amalthia – 5,600t. They have 400m3/hr pumping rate. The seventh barge, Marfort 20, is designated for the delivery of marine gasoil. It has pumping rate of 300m3/hr and carrying capacity of 700t.

Petrobras’ marine fuel posted prices positioned Santos as the second cheapest bunkering port in Latin America in 2017, following Panama, Argus bunker data showed. Data from the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels showed Brazilian residual bunker sales at 21.02mn bl (3.3mn t) in 2016.

Source: Argus



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