Scorpio Bulkers Announces Time Charter-Out Agreements


Scorpio Bulkers announced that time charter-out agreements have been entered into for seven of its Ultramax vessels and four of its Kamsarmax vessels. 

Certain information regarding these time charter-out agreements is set out below.

Vessel   Type   Earliest Redelivery Date   Rate Per Day
SBI Jaguar Ultramax April 2019 $16,000
SBI Ursa Ultramax June 2019 $15,000
SBI Tango Ultramax March 2019 $14,500
SBI Cougar Ultramax March 2019 $16,500
SBI Echo Ultramax February 2019 $15,000
SBI Thalia Ultramax April  2019 $16,500
SBI Lyra Ultramax April 2019 $16,500
SBI Bolero Kamsarmax May 2019 $14,500
SBI Macarena Kamsarmax February 2019 $16,000
SBI Mazurka Kamsarmax May 2019 $16,000
SBI Samba Kamsarmax April 2019 $15,500



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