Seacor Holdings rebrands two logistics subsidiaries

Seacor Holdings

SEACOR Holdings Inc. announced a major rebranding effort among two of its subsidiaries that will now operate under the Waterman Logistics banner.

Central Gulf Lines, Inc., has become Waterman Transport, Inc. and together with its sister company, Waterman Steamship Corporation, comprise the Waterman Logistics brand. The rebranded Waterman businesses will continue to provide door-to-door logistics to commercial and U.S. military clients around the world.

Our use of the Waterman name dates back to 1919. Waterman has supported the U.S. military in peacetime and every major conflict since WWII. It will remain a leading participant in the Maritime Security Program and continue to operate four large Pure Car Truck Carriers.

In addition, Waterman Logistics will continue to expand its commercial business. Henry Nuzum, President of the Waterman businesses, explains “We have been a leading transporter of high and heavy cargo between the U.S. West Coast and the outlying U.S. territories, including Guam. We look forward to bringing this service to international destinations in Asia.”



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