Seanergy Announces Full Prepayment of Senior Credit Facility & Reduction of Junior Facilities


Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. announced that it has come to an agreement with one of its lenders, Entrust Global, for the early prepayment of a credit facility secured by a first priority mortgage on one of its Capesize vessels, the M/V Lordship.

The outstanding balance of the Facility is $21.6 million and is scheduled to be repaid with immediate effect. The initial earliest maturity date is in June 2023. The average applicable coupon through the remaining term of the Facility is approximately 10%.

Following the prepayment and assuming no refinancing of the M/V Lordship, the interest savings for the Company would be expected to be $1.3 million for the remaining of 2021 and $1.8 million on average per year for 2022-23. Additionally, annual repayments would be reduced by approximately $2.5 million on average, which would positively impact the average break-even rate of the Company’s fleet.

In addition, a significant portion of the Company’s junior / unsecured facilities has also been prepaid since the beginning of 2021 pursuant to the mandatory prepayment terms of those facilities, resulting in further reduction in the interest expense. Specifically, a $12.0 million prepayment has been applied against the junior / unsecured loans with an applicable interest rate of 5.5%, resulting in expected annual interest savings of approximately $660,000.

The prepayment amounts were funded with cash on hand.

Stamatis Tsantanis, the Company’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, stated:

“We are pleased to announce these transactions for the Company, where the immediate reduction of our financial expenditure will have a direct positive reflection on the Company’s profitability. At the same time, the average break-even of the fleet will be significantly reduced, enhancing our cash-flow generating capacity. Assuming no immediate refinancing, the expected cash-flow benefit for Seanergy will be approximately $4.9 million per year.

During the first quarter of 2021, the Capesize daily spot rates have increased to approximately double their historical 5-year averages. Based on the prevailing Capesize market fundamentals, we strongly believe that the next years will be one of the most favorable periods for Capesize vessels. Seanergy will continue to pursue strategic opportunities that will improve our shareholders’ returns in the years to come.”



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