“Shipping sector makes Cyprus proud” – minister

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Shipping is a sector that makes Cyprus very proud, Transport Minister Marios Demetriades said on Saturday.

Addressing an event of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber in Limassol ahead of the biannual Mari-time Cyprus Conference taking place between Sunday and Wednesday, Demetriades said the conference provides the opportunity to people from abroad to become familiar with the ship-ping industry of Cyprus, its people and the shipping services offered by both the industry and the government through the Department of Merchant Shipping.

Demetriades also expressed the government’s appreciation to chamber members for their continuous support and the trust they have placed in Cyprus shipping and the Cypriot flag throughout the years “and for contributing towards the impressive development of the Cyprus shipping industry”.

“Cyprus was well known for its strong maritime tradition over the centuries. The tradition continues up to date and shipping is a sector that makes our country very proud. Our shipping industry constitutes an invaluable asset which we promise to safeguard and strengthen,” he said.

The Maritime Cyprus Conference, in Limassol, is organised every two years by the transport ministry’s Department of Merchant Shipping in cooperation with the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the Cyprus Union of Shipowners. It is reportedly one of the world’s most significant and most attended shipping conferences.

Source: Cyprus Mail



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