Throughput at Port of Odessa down 4% in H1

Port of Odessa

Cargo volume handled at the terminals of Port of Odessa (Odessa Marine Trade Port) between January and July 2016 totaled 13.60 million tonnes or 4% less than in the same period last year, the Center for Transport Strategies (CTS), citing Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA).

There was a twofold drop in the segment of liquid bulk cargo to 1.17 million tonnes. The volume includes 400,000 tonnes of oil products (- 77%), 418,000 tonnes of chemical goods (- 27.9%), 86,000 tonnes of edible oil (a two times growth). In addition, the port handled 255,000 tonnes of crude oil.

A 6.7% decline y-o-y was reported in loose cargo volume to 4.93 million tonnes. The major share in this segment was grain, which rose to 4.36 million tonnes (+ 3%). The port also handled 173,000 tonnes of building materials (- 0.9%) and 361,000 tonnes of other dry bulk cargoes.

Seven-month volume of ore handled at the port tumbled to 8,000 tonnes from 380,000 tonnes a year earlier.

Break bulk cargo in the reporting period totaled 7.49 million tonnes, or up 15.5% from H1 2015. The port also handled 2,976 million tonnes of rolled metal (- 10.3%), 444,000 tonnes of iron (up 4.9 times), and 145,000 tonnes of other ferrous metals.

Container traffic increased by 27.8% to 268,100 TEUs: 3.807 million tonnes (+ 30.2%) or 178,400 units (+ 28.8%).

Ukraine based Port of Odessa is one of the largest ports of the Black Sea-Azov basin. The major stevedore operating at the port is state-owned Odessa Commercial Sea Port. The port’s annual throughput capacity is over 14 million tonnes of dry bulk cargo and 14 million tonnes of oil products. The Odessa Marine Passenger Terminal is able to accommodate vessels of up to 300 meters in length. In 2015 freight throughput at the port was up 4.1% to 25.58 million tonnes.
Source: Port News



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