Ukraine 2018 winter grain sowing 64 pct complete


Ukrainian farmers have sown 4.6 million hectares of winter grains, 64 percent of the expected 7.6 million hectares, the agriculture ministry said on Thursday.

Farmers have sown 4.3 million hectares of winter wheat, 251,000 hectares of winter barley and 118,000 hectares of rye, the ministry said.

The area under winter wheat was likely to total 6.1 million hectares, while the area of winter barley could reach 926,000 hectares, the ministry said.

Winter wheat accounts for around 95 percent of Ukraine’s total wheat area, while the share of winter barley reaches around 60 percent.

Last year, Ukrainian farmers sowed around 8 million hectares of all winter grains.

The ministry said farmers had harvested 42.1 million tonnes of grain during the 2017 harvest, from 10.9 million hectares, with an average yield of 3.85 tonnes per hectare.

Ukraine has completed its harvest of wheat, barley and other early grains and cereals.

Farmers have also harvested 4.2 million tonnes of maize from 1.0 million hectares.

The 2017 grain harvest could total 61-63 million tonnes, allowing exports of up to 45 million tonnes of various grains in the 2017/18 season, Ukraine’s acting agriculture minister Maksim Martyniuk told Reuters last month.

Ukraine harvested a record 66 million tonnes of grain in 2016 and exported 43.9 million tonnes in the 2016/17 season, which runs from July to June.

Source: Reuters



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