World’s 1st online information platform collective makes Dubai Maritime Sector available 24/7

DMVC photo

The Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster (DMVC), an innovative concept that promotes ease, efficiency and quality for a broad and integrated range of maritime services provided by the Dubai Maritime Sector, will be among the highlights of the Dubai Maritime City Authority’s presence at Posidonia 2018, the world’s most prestigious shipping event, taking place from June 4 to 8 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo.

This new initiative, available on the website, makes Dubai Maritime Sector available 24 hours a day to all marine investors from around the world and aims at providing smart and interactive platforms, for knowledge-sharing and research to further attract growth and promote competitiveness within the sector, while also helping bolster more cooperation and engagement between industry leaders.

Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA said: “DMVC will provide a solid foundation for ensuring Dubai’s position as a major global competitor to the world’s leading maritime centers. This initiative is part of the continuous efforts to modernize the sector into a competitive, inclusive, and attractive area for investments, with the ability to effectively implement UAE’s post-oil strategies, in line with the UAE’s vision as a leading model for transforming into a diversified and sustainable economy based on knowledge and innovation”.

The new initiative stems from its much anticipated role in enhancing the capability of the maritime sector for attracting foreign investments by providing a smart and integrated platform for the world’s maritime best practices, as well as facilitating the accessibility of maritime leaders to the best services available in Dubai. This will ultimately serve the goals of the emirate’s “Dubai Plan 2021”, positioning it as one of the most important global hubs for business and investments.

Amer Ali, added: “The Virtual Cluster provides advanced interactive advantages that make it an ideal platform for promoting R&D and maritime innovation, particularly an inclusive information and knowledge portal; a virtual hub for these purposes including training; as well as maritime sector index. We are fully confident that the new initiative will be an important addition to our endeavors aimed at meeting the diverse needs of regional and international maritime players, as we fulfill our commitment to promote Dubai as a leading world-class maritime hub.”

The Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster facilitates access and engagement of businesses to an integrated portfolio of smart maritime services by providing reliable and comprehensive information on key initiatives under the DMCA umbrella, including the ‘Maritime Sector Strategy’ which aims to strengthen Dubai’s leading position as a global maritime center.



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