Aug 2-5 Panama Canal maintenance to cut capacity at old locks by over a third


The Panama Canal Authority will carry out scheduled maintenance at the Panamax locks at the key waterway over August 2-5 that will reduce capacity by over a third.

The West lane of the Miraflores locks will be out of service from 10 pm local time Tuesday (0200 GMT Wednesday) to 10 pm Friday for scheduled dry chamber seals repairs on two gates, the authority, also known as the ACP, said Friday. In addition, the West lane of the Pedro Miguel locks will be out of service for 12 hours from midnight to noon Wednesday, the ACP said.

As a result of the outages, normal transit capacity through the Panamax locks is expected to be reduced to 22-24 ships daily, down 37% from the normal 35-37 ships daily, ship agent Wilford & McKay said.

There will also be a restriction in the number of booking slots offered over August 3-5 — from 17 to 10 for supers and from eight to six for regulars.

Supers refers to vessels with a beam of 91 feet and over, and this includes tankers. Regulars refer to vessels that have a beam of less than 91 feet.
Source: Platts



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