D’Amico International Shipping Plans Share Capital Increase


d’Amico International Shipping S.A. convened the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the Company to be held on 11 March 2019 at 3 p.m. at the Company’s registered office at 25C boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (“EGM”).

The board of directors of the Company (the “Board of Directors”) proposes to the EGM to increase the authorised corporate capital by 750,000,000 shares to 1,750,000,000 shares with the intention of executing, in the weeks following the EGM’s approval, a capital increase (“Capital Increase”) respecting the following conditions:

(i) amount of up to USD 60 million;
(ii) theoretical ex-rights price (“TERP”) discount of up to 25%.

DIS also takes note that d’Amico International S.A. – Luxembourg (the “Controlling Shareholder”) – owning 64.00% of the share capital of the Company – has given an irrevocable and unconditional commitment to vote in favor and to exercise all the preferential subscription rights which it is entitled to receive under the offering.

Any Capital Increase will be preceded by an extraordinary exercise period for the “d’Amico International Shipping Warrants 2017 – 2022”, ISIN code n. LU1588548724 (the “Warrants”).

Amendment to the financial calendar. The meeting of the Board of Directors to approve the Company’s 2018 draft Annual Consolidated and Statutory Financial Statements will be held on Wednesday 20 March 2019.



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