Ezion Holdings suspends trading


The board of directors of Ezion Holdings Limited has announced that, in view of the group’s business and financial situation as detailed in its most recnt set of results, the company is in discussions with its stakeholders such as bank lenders and creditors in relation to its financing and capitalisation structure.

The company is also taking steps to review its options to strengthen its financial position and preserve value for its stakeholders.

In anticipation of the company having to reach out to a larger group of stakeholders such as bank lenders and creditors to discuss its financing and capitalisation structure, the board has recommended that the trading of the shares of the company be suspended with immediate effect.

Ezion Holdings said: “Given the current dynamic situation that the company is in, a trading suspension would ensure that no person is trading in the shares of the company without sufficient information that is required to enable such a person to make an informed decision. A trading suspension would also provide market certainty as the company continues to explore financing options and engage in discussions with its stakeholders.”


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