Gothenburg Port Extends and Renews Green Discount

Gothenburg_Gothenburg Port Authority

The Port of Gothenburg has extended and renewed the port tariff discounts for vessels running on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In 2015, the Port of Gothenburg introduced an environmental discount on the port tariff in an effort to increase the number of calls by ships running on LNG, the port authority said in a statement.

The Gothenburg Port Authority is now set to extend the discount period and is already outlining a renewed environmental discount.

As part of the Gothenburg Port Authority environmental discount scheme, vessels that report good environmental performance receive a 10 percent discount on the port tariff, assuming they achieve a certain level according to the globally recognized environmental indexes ESI and CSI.

Vessels that run on LNG receive an extra discount of 20 percent each time they call. The LNG discount is subject to a time limit and is due to run to the end of this year, although the Port Authority is considering extending the discount period.



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