John Fredriksen Becomes Largest Euronav Shareholder


John Fredriksen has increased his position in Euronav to become the largest shareholder of the Belgium tanker company.

According to a new SEC filing, Famatown Finance, controlled by Fredriksen, now holds nearly 26.5 percent of Euronav’s stock placing it ahead of the Saverys family which holds 25 percent through its Compagnie Maritime Belge.

The filing reveals that Fredriksen continued to be an active buyer of Euronav shares after his January 26, 2023 report which showed that he had nearly equaled the Saverys’ position with both holding approximately a quarter of the company. Fredriksen, however, continued to buy to the beginning of February by which time he had increased his holdings to 52.4 million shares, making him the largest shareholder of Euronav.


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