Largest Vessel To-Date Transits Panama Canal’s New Locks


Megaship Cosco Development (13,092 TEU) became the biggest ship in size and capacity to navigate through the Panama Canal.

The now widened locks of the Panama Canal, were a clear witness of the course of the first ‘neopanamax’ mega-cruiser last Saturday.

Cosco Development, a megaship with a capacity of 13,435 TEUs (cargo containers of 6 meters of height), 366 meters long, and 48.2 meters wide, transports 41 percent more of cargo than its brother, the Cosco Shipping Panama, which made the transit navigation on the Canal in the opening of the new locks in June 2016.

The maximum TEUs permitted goes from 13,000 to 14,000.

In the days since its inauguration, the Expanded Canal has seen its Neopanamax traffic steadily increase. Thus far, the Expanded Canal has handled more than 1,200 Neopanamax vessels-an average of 5.9 vessels per day, when a daily estimate of two and three transits was initially forecast for the first year of operation.



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