Panama Canal revises upward draft restriction for Neopanamax locks


The Panama Canal Authority has revised upward the draft restriction for vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks to 13.41 meters (44 feet) effective immediately.

“This draft limit is based on the current level of Gatun Lake and the weather forecast for the following weeks,” the authority, also known as the ACP, said Friday.

The ACP had first announced in mid-May that the draft for vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks would be restricted to 12.8 meters (42 feet) from June 27 — when the new locks were to open for commercial traffic. But on May 31 the maximum draft limitation for the Neopanamax locks was revised upward to 13.11 meters (43 feet) starting June 27.

The Neopanamax locks have been designed to accommodate draft of up to 50 feet.

No draft restrictions are currently in place for the old Panamax locks, which have a maximum allowable draft of 12.03 meters (39.5 feet).




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