Successful transportation of electric busses through Port of Piraeus


A total of 140 Yutong electric busses were successfully transported, reaching the Port of Piraeus and efficiently unloaded at the car terminal station for immediate integration into Attica’s urban transport network.

PPA’s specialized personnel orchestrated the seamless unloading process of the busses from the car vessel at the car terminal pier ensuring swift transfer to their designated reception areas.

Specifically, the Chairman of PPA S.A. Mr. Yu Zenggang, expressed full satisfaction with the exceptional quality of services provided at the Port of Piraeus, stating that “At PPA S.A. we are proud of the level of services offered, along with the excellent infrastructure and facilities that have transformed the Port of Piraeus into a significant transshipment hub for vehicles, goods, and passengers. In this particular transportation endeavor, we are pleased that the busses transported through our facilities will positively impact citizen’s lives, while contributing to the national environmental protection objectives and addressing the challenges posed by climate change.