US group in running for Greek port tenders


A US-based independent financial consulting and asset management firm has confirmed its interest in tenders for the development of two ports in Greece.

BlackSummit Financial Group told Port Strategy that it has created an international consortium of US and European entities which will participate in the forthcoming tenders for the ports of Alexandroupolis and Kavala.

The Group stated: “Both ports are at a critical juncture for Western commercial and geostrategic interests. We do not desire the ports to fall into the wrong hands. The Port of Alexandroupolis and the Port of Kavala will be hubs for energy, trade, logistics, and transportation. Our efforts will contribute to economic development in the region and will increase commercial development for the Balkans.”

Port of Alexandroupolis

Operated by state-owned Alexandroupolis Port Authority, the Port of Alexandroupolis has got two basins: the western basin (at the western area of the port) with a total surface of approximately 280 acres and the eastern basin of the new eastern sector of the port with a total surface of about 1100 acres.

The SEMPO container terminal incorporates 130 acres of land. The total length of the container terminal platforms is about 730.0 meters, of which 500.0 meters can be used for vertical cargo handling. The remaining 230m can be used for mixed cargo handling.

Port of Kavala

Operated by state-owned Kavala Port Authority, the Port of Kavala (Apostolos Pavlos) is used for passenger ferries, cruise ships, fishing and water sports. It was formerly used for freight handling, but in 2002 operations were transferred to the Filippos Β port, also managed by Kavala Port Authority.

Source: Platts



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