Castlery, Maersk sign multi-year logistics partnership


Singaporean furniture retailer Castlery and Maersk have signed a multi-year global integrated logistics and fulfilment partnership.

The partnership will enable Castlery to offer delivery for customers, reducing wait times for orders to one to two months, approximately three times faster than the industry average of three to six months.

This comes amid ongoing global supply chain uncertainties as Castlery expands into international markets such as Australia and the US, which contributed to 80 per cent of the firm’s total revenue.

Castlery said it can optimise time and cost savings at various points across the logistics and fulfilment chain, and: scale their business in the US across 50 metropolitan areas more efficiently, by securing freight capacity per year; improve integration and performance between the freight and warehouse stages, by using Maersk Group’s warehousing facilities across the US; ensure more transparent data sharing between the companies.

“Maersk has been a reliable partner to us since our early days, and we are very grateful for the continued partnership against the backdrop of a volatile macro environment and global supply chain uncertainties,” said Declan Ee, Co-founder of

“Partnering with an integrated logistics partner like Maersk for the long-term gives us an edge in being adaptable and flexible to navigate disruptions and ensure efficient supply chain management.

“Timely delivery is critical in a digital-first furniture business and we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide a seamless shopping experience for our customers in Singapore and the international markets,”

Catering to the needs of its fast-growing international customer base, Castlery has also expanded its warehouse capacity, including the opening of new warehouse facilities in the US to meet customer demands at scale and buffer against future supply chain disruptions.

Globally, Castlery intends to increase its total warehouse capacity by five times, with Maersk as a key partner.

“Maersk Singapore has successfully tapped into our global integrated logistics ecosystem to mount a solution that provides seamless omni-channel fulfilment and last mile delivery for Castlery’s customers,” said Rupesh Jain, Managing Director of Maersk Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

“This is in addition to long term ocean space commitments which in effect cuts out any unnecessary nodes that can put strain on Castlery’s supply chains.”