DP World Launches New Erp Solution For Freight Forwarders


DP World, the leading provider of smart supply chain solutions, today launched CARGOES Runner — a new digital solution for freight forwarders.

CARGOES Runner is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, built entirely by DP World from-the-ground-up, to support freight forwarders in streamlining their back-office operations and driving efficiency throughout their business. CARGOES Runner manages workflows from end-to-end, with tools to improve per-capita productivity and per-shipment profitability.

The latest addition to the CARGOES suite of tools will help streamline end-to-end logistics and trade worldwide.

Key features include:

  • Streamlined Quotations – A dashboard comprising an integrated global ocean sailing schedule search, with automated pricing depending on selected routes, company tariff, and profit margin requirements.
  • Seamless Quote-to-Ship process – Easily convert a quotation into a booked consolidated shipment together with supporting document generation, and direct booking to major shipping lines via Inttra’s ocean booking platform.
  • Easy Charges and Invoices – Automatically generate ‘per-shipment’ or ‘per-month’ invoices for clients, and payable bills for vendors in one place—and keep track of payment status for all accounts payable and receivable.
  • Comprehensive Analytics – See ‘at-a-glance’ growth and profit margins by customers, shipping lines, and vendors, together with performance and trends analysis of all your operational teams.

“Freight forwarding can be hugely complex, and a key challenge is coordinating numerous service providers through sluggish and outdated legacy platforms that are often inoperable with each other. CARGOES Runner aims to resolve this hurdle, streamlining these critical operations to help our customers improve customer service, productivity, and profitability.” Pradeep Desai, Chief Technology Officer – Group Technology, DP World.

Together with additional tools in the CARGOES suite, freight forwarders now have access to a platform to optimise operations from quotations to shipments, jobs, and invoices —enabling truly digital-native freight forwarding in the cloud.

DP World will continue to invest in new technologies and solutions such as CARGOES Runner, to make logistics more intelligent and efficient for our customers, so businesses can seamlessly operate and scale faster. DP World has also launched two new tech offices in India to deliver new digital solutions for the supply chain.

Source: DP World