Drewry: Container Port Throughput Index Hits Lowest Point Since February


Drewry’s latest assessment – February 2022

• In December 2021, the Global Port throughput index recorded 135.1 points , its lowest since February 2021 and 1.2% below the December 2020 level. Global supply chain disruption continues to hold back growth in many markets, but at the close of 2021 the index improved by 4.7% over December 2019.

• Most regions witnessed an annual decline in December, with the strongest annual performance seen in Oceania, which recorded an index score of 143.2, 2.8% above the December 2020 level.

• The performance of the Latin America region was also positive, with a 5.4% monthly and 0.4% annual growth recorded in December 2021. The major Brazilian hub Santos performed well with 24% MoM growth and 3% YoY growth in December 2021. The port witnessed close to 25% growth in its transhipment volumes during the year 2021.

• China led the index downwards on MoM (-5.5%) and YoY (-1.4%) bases in December 2021, with global supply chain disruption slowing the pace of exports amid weakening domestic demand. However, the index was 4.3% above the December 2019 level of 133.2 points. The largest drop was at Tianjin port with 34% MoM and 16% YoY decline. Congestion also held back growth in the North American market, with the index falling 0.4% MoM and 0.7% YoY.

Source: Drewry