Eagle Bulk to deploy Jotun HullSkater robot on vessel


Eagle Bulk Shipping has signed a commercial agreement with Jotun for the adoption of hull-cleaning solutions to minimise biofouling and accelerate decarbonisation.

Under the agreement signed in December 2021, Jotun will apply its Hull Skating Solutions to Eagle Bulk’s carrier Shanghai Eagle to ensure an “always clean hull” over the vessels’ full sailing interval, thus reducing fuel costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The solution utilises data analytics, robotics and coatings to carry out proactive cleaning to eradicate early-stage fouling.

The portable system, which is operated through a robotic device known as the HullSkater, is stored on board the vessel to allow for fast response to conduct thorough underwater inspections and clean the hull when required.

The device also helps to preserve the marine ecosystem by minimizing the spread of non-indigenous marine organisms, as well as contributing to lower atmospheric emissions of CO2 through reduced fuel consumption as it lessens hull drag in the water, Jotun claims.

Furthermore, the partnership will assist Eagle Bulk in accelerating its zero-carbon vision as it makes efforts in promoting sustainable growth in the maritime industry.