Euroseas fixes panamax containership


Euroseas, an owner and operator of container carrier vessels and provider of seaborne transportation for containerized cargoes, announced two new consecutive time charter contracts for its container vessel M/V “Synergy Oakland”, a 4,253 TEU vessel built in 2009.


a new time charter contract for a period of between two and three months at a daily rate of $130,000, commencing between January 5th and January 25th when the vessel will be redelivered from its current charterer; and,
immediately following the completion of the above charter, a new time charter contract for a period of a minimum of forty-eight and a maximum of fifty-one months at the option of the charterer at a daily rate of $42,000, commencing the latest by April 15th when the vessel will be redelivered from its previous charterer.

Aristides Pittas, Chairman and CEO of Euroseas commented: “We are very pleased to announce very profitable new charters for one of our vessels, our M/V “Synergy Oakland”, that capture both the exceptional strength of the current short-term market over the next two to three months and also provide secured employment for a minimum of an additional four years. As a result of these charters, M/V “Synergy Oakland” is expected to make an EBITDA contribution of about $11.5 million during the first quarter of 2022 and about $12 million per year during each of the next four years, totaling about $57 million of EBITDA contribution, or about $7.80 per share, over the duration of its new charters.

“Both the rates and the duration of the above charters are indicative of the strength and recovery of the market from a slight correction we had experienced over the past month. We expect to be able to continue benefitting from the present market as there are another four of our vessels in our fleet which open for re-chartering within the next four months and another two vessels later within 2022. If the present market levels continue, renewals of expiring charters should result in significant further increases in our profitability and employment coverage for the following years, providing a solid liquidity foundation for further growth of our company and rewards to our shareholders as our Board or Directors sees fit.”