LNGC added to Capital Product Partners’ fleet


Capital Product Partners, the NASDAQ-listed shipping company controlled by the Vangelis Marinakis family, has successful accepted delivery of a newly built LNG carrier.

Christened “Adamastos”, which in Greek means “indomitable”, the carrier has a transport capacity of 174,000 cubic meters. It was built at Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard.

The vessel is fitted out with the advanced Hyundai WinGD 5X72DF dual-fuel technology propulsion system. The latter features the comparative advantage of producing lower emissions, including NOx and SOx emissions.

Moreover, the air lubrication system employed on the state-of-the-art LNG carrier offers reduced friction, thereby allowing for lower fuel consumption. Additionally, the vessel’s ability to re-liquify natural gas allows for a maximization of transported cargo, with the simultaneous reduction in C02 emissions.

Adamastos is chartered to the French energy company Engie for a period of up to seven years.

The vessel was acquired with a total outlay of 220 million USD, part of an agreement between the shipping company and the shipbuilder to activate an option for the purchase of three LNG carriers, announced earlier this month.