Maersk Tankers helps shipowners keep track of emissions


Shipowners are facing new regulations from 1 January 2023, requiring them to track and report vessel emissions. Together with shipowners in its pools, Maersk Tankers has launched a new digital solution to help owners meet the required standards.

The International Maritime Organization’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions for vessels already on the water. The measure links the emissions to the amount of cargo a vessel carries over the distance travelled. The owners will receive an annual energy efficiency rating – A, B, C, D or E – of their vessel, which will become more stringent with each passing year.

With the new regulations, comes a demand to quantify and report carbon emissions.

To help shipowners meet these requirements, Maersk Tankers has developed and launched a digital solution that will keep track of vessel emissions.

“Shipowners entrust us to manage their vessels and the way we operate them from port to port has a direct environmental impact,” says Maria Damkær, Commercial Manager in the Go-To-Market function at Maersk Tankers. She explains that the company is responding to demand from owners: “They need real-time data on emissions, and insight into how these develop, which we, in turn, are using to improve the operations of the vessels.”

Using the new solution, which has been developed together with shipowners in the company’s pools, owners can monitor their vessel’s rating, how it changes year by year, the reasons for any changes and its projected rating over the following three years.

Harnessing the data, shipowners and managers can take measures to improve vessels’ operation such as adjusting its route or speed.

While the solution has gone into use, it is not set in stone. Simon Maribo Artzi, Product Owner in Maersk Tankers’ Digital team, explains that it “can be developed, adding new components as pool partners, cargo customers or regulators’ demands evolve”.

Following rigorous testing, the digital solution has gone live at the end of June and is today available for shipowners in Maersk Tankers’ pools.