Marios Iliopoulos: “Rapid transport of firefighters to Rhodes proved we are and will always be firmly on the side of the Aegean Islands”


Seajets responded immediately to the request of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection and the Deputy Ministry of Civil Protection & Crisis Management to assist in extinguishing the large wildfire raging in Rhodes on Monday August 2, 2021.

Following a telephone communication with the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Mr. Nikos Hardalias and the Minister of Shipping Mr. Ioannis Plakiotakis, SEAJETS chartered the ship Olympus and offered free of charge the transportation of firefighting forces from Piraeus to Rhodes, with the same speed that it responded to the recent fires of Samos and Karpathos, which were successfully extinguished. The ship Olympus arrived in Rhodes early in the morning, carrying 60 firefighters and 25 firetrucks.

Mr. Marios Iliopoulos, Head of Strategic Planning and Development of SEAJETS stated “We fulfilled the request to transfer the fire brigade to Rhodes late Sunday night. With immediate action and coordination, we managed to charter and have the ship ready to sail within one hour from the moment the fire trucks and firefighters arrived at the port of Piraeus. We will always be out there selflessly, rendering our assistance when it comes to the environment, emergencies, safety and urgent needs of our local Aegean communities.”