OceanPal announces entry into support agreement with Sphinx Investment Corp.


OceanPal announced that it has entered into a Support Agreement with Sphinx Investment Corp. an affiliate of George Economou, which owns approximately 14.1% of the Company’s outstanding common stock, providing for the future support of the Company and its Board by Sphinx.

Pursuant to the Agreement, Sphinx has agreed to cease its efforts with respect to the election of directors and the passage of shareholder proposals at the 2024 annual meeting of the Company’s stockholders, and to commit to voting in favor of the Board’s slate of recommended directors and with respect to certain other proposals at each Company shareholder meeting through the 2029 annual meeting of the Company’s shareholders.  In addition, Sphinx and the Company have agreed on a non-binding basis to a structure for the provision by Mr. Economou of strategic advice to the Board with respect to future opportunities for creating shareholder value.

Mr. Robert Perri, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, said:

“I am pleased that OceanPal and Sphinx have been able to put aside their differences. We value Sphinx’s interest in the Company, and I and the rest of the board look forward to further discussing with George his views on opportunities to create value for OceanPal’s stockholders”.