Piraeus: Perama Ship Repair Zone Undergoes Upgrade


On Friday, April 5th, two cutting-edge double level luffing jib shipbuilding cranes arrived at the Port of Piraeus. They are soon to be unloaded and installed at positions 1 and 2 within the Perama Ship Repair Zone.

Equipped with a lifting capacity of 40 tons each, these state-of-the-art cranes are reshaping service offerings within the ship repair zone. With the capability to accommodate vessels up to 55 meters in height, they mark a new era, ending decades of reliance on mobile cranes in the Perama zone, which previously lacked quayside cranes.

It is noted that the procurement of these specific cranes, with a total value of approximately 8 million euros, is part of the investments that PPA S.A. is implementing for the upgrade and renovation of the Ship Repair Zone equipment, in accordance with the concession agreement with the Greek State.

Following the arrival of the cranes, PPA Chairman Yu Zenggang expressed his satisfaction, highlighting the significant upgrade they represent for the Perama Ship Repair Zone. He emphasized their capacity to accommodate a wider range of vessels, underscoring the strategic importance of PPA S.A.’s ongoing investment efforts. This commitment, he emphasized, solidifies Piraeus as a leading and competitive port in the Mediterranean and Europe, offering comprehensive port services.

Crane unloading, which is implemented according to detailed plans and standards, is scheduled for the coming days, following the completion of all requisite preparatory tasks.

Source: PPA