Chart Industries and GasLog Partner on Large Scale Liquid Hydrogen Deployment


Chart Industries, Inc., a leading global solutions provider to clean energy and industrial gas markets, announced its collaboration with GasLog LNG Services Ltd., a leading provider of liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping services, to study the development of a commercial scale liquid hydrogen (LH2) supply chain leveraging GasLog’s latest developments of a liquid hydrogen vessel and Chart’s extensive experience in cryogenics and large-scale liquefaction solutions for the global distribution of LH2.

This collaboration aims to support GasLog’s participation in recently announced projects to develop a commercial scale LH2 supply chain from export markets in the Middle East to European and Asian destinations for onward distribution by liquid transportation and/or gas via pipelines to various end users.

Chart will leverage its over 158 years of hydrogen experience for this collaboration through hydrogen compression, liquefaction and refrigeration technologies, and cryogenic loading/unloading operations, amongst other products.

CEO of GasLog, Paolo Enoizi, said “This collaboration with Chart Industries is our commitment to explore and support the use of hydrogen, via liquid form, to benefit industries and users globally. I have confidence that our combined experience from the cryogenic industries will ensure the safety and efficiency of novel liquid hydrogen supply chains across the world.”

“We are excited to collaborate with GasLog for effective large scale LH2 supply chain deployment,” stated Jill Evanko, CEO and President of Chart Industries. “We see a significant momentum shift from export developers discussing ammonia supply chains twelve months ago to LH2 supply chains today.”