Eagle Bulk Shipping partners with Goodfuels to take on biofuels


Eagle Bulk Shipping has successfully completed a fossil-free voyage in partnership with transport biofuels provider GoodFuels.

The 63,529 DWT bulk carrier Sydney Eagle was bunkered with GoodFuels’ advanced marine biofuel for the first time during its call at Terneuzen, the Netherlands. Eagle Bulk Shipping’s carbon footprint is substantially reduced when using GoodFuels’ sustainable marine biofuel, which enables an 80-90% well-to-exhaust CO2 reduction.

GoodFuels’ advanced biofuels are produced from certified renewable feedstocks labelled as 100% waste or residue that cannot be used for any higher quality application or recycling, such as used cooking oil and waste animal fats.

The biofuels “drop in” to tanks without any alterations to the fuel infrastructure or marine engines, and ensure compliance with the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Sulphur Cap as they are virtually free of all SOX emissions.

Isabel Welten, chief commercial officer at GoodFuels, said: “It’s an honour to work with Eagle Bulk Shipping as a fellow passionate environmental frontrunner that is exploring an innovative and sustainable pathway to shipping’s decarbonisation transition by bunkering our sustainable marine biofuels.

“This announcement is the latest step in scaling our low-carbon biofuels for wider commercial use within the maritime industry. With our ambition to become the principal sustainable fuel supplier for the global transport industry, and our offer of mature 100% biofuels, GoodFuels is perfectly positioned to facilitate the energy transition for owners and operators.”