Mitsotakis emphasizes support for Greece’s shipbuilding & repair industry


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Atlas shipyard in Perama, located near the port of Piraeus, on Wednesday. The shipyard is one of 24 active shipyards in the region, and Mitsotakis emphasized the significant support allegedly provided by his conservative government to Greece’s shipbuilding and repair industry.

Mitsotakis highlighted the government’s interventions in the last four years, which he said saved the emblematic shipyards of Elefsina, restructured the Skaramangas shipyards, and supported the 24 shipyards in Perama. He noted that these shipyards have gained a worldwide reputation for the quality of their work, adding that Greece is a country identified with seafaring. Approximately 10,000 people work in the shipbuilding and repair zone of Perama.

Looking forward, Mitsotakis stated that the challenge for the next day is to further develop the industry, provide more and better-paying jobs, and encourage more young people to pursue technical specialization. He also emphasized the need for cooperation with technical schools to ensure a skilled workforce for the future.

The Perama shipyards have been in continuous operation for 100 years, offering shipbuilding, repair, design, and maintenance services for small and medium-sized ships of all sizes and types. According to government sources, in the last four years, the shipyards completed 70 new ship and boat constructions with a total tonnage of more than 120,000 gross registered tonnage, as well as lifting, maintenance, and repairs in over 8,500 ships.

There are 520 special companies active in the 24 shipyards of Perama, providing work for an average of 17,000 workers annually. About 80% of the turnover comes from foreign exchange inflow from foreign ship-owning companies, contributing to Greece’s economy.



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