MSC set to buy 15% stake in Genova Airport


Aeroporti di Roma received from MSC group, a world leader in the cruise and logistics sector, a binding purchase proposal for its minority stake – equal to 15% – in the shareholding structure of Società Aeroporto di Genova Spa, which manages an infrastructure that is strategic for the development of tourism, economy and trade in Genoa, in the entire region of Liguria and in the north-western area of Italy.

The proposal comes as ADR expressed its willingness to make its stake available to enable possible synergistic and development plans to relaunch the airport according to the lines set by the Genoa airport operator, in the framework of the call for expressions of interest issued at the beginning of this year. ADR’s availability was already expressed in recent months with the same sense of institutional responsibility and attention to the needs of the area, through collaboration and fruitful dialogue with local institutions.

The operation takes place in full synergy and coordination with the Municipality of Genoa which, in addition to being in full agreement with the proposed acquisition of ADR’s stake by MSC, has actively promoted the operation, ensuring to be constantly present while also confirming the firm intention to continue with determination on the path for entering the shareholding structure of the airport, which is a strategic asset for the Municipality.

MSC’s entry into the shareholding structure also ensures compliance and consistency with the strategic direction that the public shareholders of Società Aeroporto di Genova and Chairman Alfonso Lavarello have been pursuing for some time now.

The closing of the operation can be completed once the usual conditions precedent for this type of transaction will be met.