NYK Launches Brands Emphasizing Net-Zero Emissions by 2050


NYK has launched its new “NYK GREEN EARTH” brand to consolidate its efforts to generate new value for low-carbon and decarbonization through green business. In addition, the company has expanded its “Sail GREEN” brand from solely its Car Transportation Division to the company’s other business divisions.

Under these two brands, NYK will seek to expand its green-business initiatives and low-environmental-impact services in its logistics business, which is mainly ocean transportation. At the same time, the company will develop both brands so that more stakeholders can know about the company’s low-carbonization and decarbonization efforts and services.

Brand concept

NYK GREEN EARTH is a brand that targets efforts for new value generation toward low-carbonization and decarbonization through NYK’s green business.

To intelligibly convey NYK’s wish of realizing a beautiful earth through the company’s efforts at sea, the logo simply combines “GREEN,” which emphasizes awareness of the environment, with “EARTH.” The image to the left incorporates the color green and is composed of a motif of the earth and the sea.

Target businesses
Offshore wind power-related business, development of next-generation fuels, participation in the supply chains for ammonia and hydrogen, LNG bunkering, transportation and storage of CO2, carbon credits, marine energy related business, support for startups, etc.

Brand concept

Sail GREEN is a brand that emphasizes NYK’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions through the transport of goods and contribute to the eco-friendly supply chains of customers, regardless of the mode of transport (e.g., by sea or land, through terminals, etc.).

The brand name “Sail GREEN” represents NYK’s wish to move onward with the environmentally friendly keyword “GREEN” through the transportation of goods. The image to the left combines the abstract shape of a ship with a likeness of waves and includes a gradation line in an aurora green.

Target businesses
Ocean-transportation, terminal, and land-transportation businesses in the car transportation business, dry bulk business, and energy transportation business

Background for launch and expansion of both brands
In February 2021, NYK issued the “NYK Group ESG Story,” which outlines the Group’s ESG management and provides concrete initiatives that the Group is pursuing to integrated ESG principles with management strategies. Further, on March 24 this year, NYK issued the “NYK Group ESG Story 2022” as a progress report. Moreover, NYK has set a long-term target of net-zero emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) by 2050 for the NYK Group’s oceangoing businesses.

To achieve this goal, the NYK Group is steadily promoting low-carbon and decarbonized modes of transportation and the establishment of a value chain concept to realize a decarbonized society in the future — e.g., provision of environmentally friendly, total logistics services; participation in renewable-energy business such as offshore wind power generation; technology development for ammonia- and hydrogen-fueled vessels; creation of supply chains for hydrogen, ammonia, and decarbonized energy; etc.

The launch of NYK GREEN EARTH and the expansion of Sail GREEN is NYK’s statement of determination to evolve into a corporate entity that is the preferred logistics provider of even more clients worldwide and contribute to realization of a sustainable society by accelerating ESG management starting with each employee’s aspirations towards achievement of net zero-emission.

The aurora green stripe is planned to be painted on the hull of all newly built Sail GREEN ships.