ONE Announces Weight Discrepency Surcharge for Overweight Containers


Ocean Network Express (ONE) will implement a penalty fee that is to be levied in the event of misdeclaration of cargo details at time of booking.

The penalty fee shall apply in, including but not limited to, the following circumstance:

Misdeclaration of cargo details at time of booking submission is detected, specifically, including but not limited to, cargo weight, which deviates more than +/- 3TON/TEU from the final Bill of Lading Instruction details and Verified Gross Mass (VGM) documentation. In relation to the VGM amendment and misdeclaration after VGM cutoff, the applicable amendment and misdeclaration fees shall apply to concerned shipments.

The Weight Discrepancy Charge (WDS) of USD 2,000 per container will be applicable from July 1st, 2022 (booking receipt date).

The implementation of this misdeclaration penalty will support the operational safety for everyone in the cargo handling network, both on shore and aboard ship. The penalty fee also safeguards the commercial integrity of our agreements with all our customers.