PPA: Two-day workshop on the preparation of the Regulation for tugboats


On May 29 and 30, 2024, PPA conducted an interactive workshop for the study and preparation of the Regulation for tugboats, following the issuance of the relevant presidential decree (P.D. 83/2022).

At the two-day workshop, PPA S.A. executives, employees from the Berthing Sector and the Ship Repair Zone, as well as representatives of the Coast Guard, including pilots, collaborated constructively using simulation systems to accurately draw the necessary conclusions regarding the tugboats serving the company’s port facilities. The workshop was conducted under the supervision and guidance of the internationally renowned Lloyd’s Register, which provided the necessary software and experienced personnel throughout its duration.

Additionally, PPA S.A., immediately after the issuance of the aforementioned presidential decree, collaborated with two universities, one from Greece and one from the United Kingdom, and has already received a study from each to utilize this data and results in formulating the regulation for tugboats.

Finally, it is noted that the results of the simulation study from the workshop are expected to be provided by Lloyd’s Register in June 2024, allowing PPA S.A. to proceed with issuing its regulation for tugboats, immediately after the consultation with all relevant stakeholders.