Shipping firm HMM deploys new carbon capture system on vessels

The HMM Dublin, the largest container ship in the world in the port of Hamburg. A ship for the transport of goods which reflects the globilisation and the upswing.

HMM, Korea’s largest container shipper, deployed new proprietary technology in the voyage of 2,200 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) container ships, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emitted during ship operations.

During the voyage, HMM will monitor the gas reduction and its impact on the vessels.

The new technology, known as the Onboard Carbon Capture System (OCCS), captures and liquefies carbon dioxide emitted during operations so that the gas is not released into the atmosphere.

To develop the technology, HMM signed a research agreement last April with Samsung Heavy Industries, the Korean Register and a domestic eco-friendly equipment manufacturer, Panasia.

The shipping firm expects that the OCCS will be recognized by International Maritime Organization amid global interest in carbon capture technology.

The move is part of HMM’s effort to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, along with ordering methanol-powered container ships, utilizing biofuels and improving hull efficiency and navigation technologies.

Securing multiple technological assets is essential to achieving carbon neutrality,” HMM spokesperson said in a statement. “We will contribute to enhancing eco-friendly competitiveness and technology development through various research and development efforts, collaborating with domestic companies and institutions.”

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily